Special Events

Spring Shakedown 5th annual- 2019

The nights of June 24th, 25th and 26th (arrive Monday and depart Thursday) have these special room rates.  

these prices are for the trip, not per night, and for the unit, not per person

$402 for a cabin room (suitable for 2 people)
$487 for a suite room (suitable for 2 or 3 people)
$532 for a lodge room (suitable for 2 or 3 people)

Also - we'll fill up to 3 reels with up to 300 yards of line & backing per reel (using dragonfly 30lb test backing and Maxima Ultragreen 30 or 40lb test line)
Also - Bryce has been trained by Scotty to troubleshoot any Scotty problems, and we have some free spare parts on hand so he'll fix Scotty's if possible from our box o' Scotty fixes for this event.

Jack and Jill Derby 2019 - 22nd annual

June 20th - 23rd, 2019  (Arrive Thursday and depart Sunday)
Entry fee is $389 per couple (that's one man and one woman - hence Jack and Jill).  
Includes 3 nights accommodation and derby entry.
There's also a $50 clubhouse fee added to each Derby entry, and the $50 will be credited to the tab during the weekend to put towards tackle, bait, ice, coffee and restaurant (but not gas). Any remaining credit from the $50 at the end of the weekend will be donated to the weekend we host for the Children's Heart Network. The total price per couple for the Jack and Jill 3 nights, $50 clubhouse credit, and entry fee is $439 plus taxes.
Click here for derby rule details. 

First prize for biggest Chinook $3,000
Second prize $1,000.

2019 -  Carry Armstrong with Claus Sandhack on the Green Monster won with a 33 pounder, and Mia Kenny won second place with a 29 pounder.

2018 -  Dale Graham and Wayne Wall, second prize and second prize Kathie Gabelein - I'm very late on the updates and I can't quite remember the weights. I think they were 25 and 22 pounds. 

2017 - Larry Rose with Anita was our winner for 2017, and second prize was Bill Sheldrake

2016 J&J was a tie between Brian Rose and Randy Wunderlick - 25.5 pounds. Here's Cameron, Brian and Randy at the awards ceremony:

Here's Carrie and Claus with Carrie's 2014 J&J winner :

This 2014 J&J winner was 21 3/4 pounds. Second prize went to Taya with a 21 1/4 pounder.

Julie and Grant with tyee and Halcomb trophy

2013 winner:  Julie Kelly (yes, that's Julie and Grant from Getdanet and Kelly Pilchard fame) with a 30 and a half pounder. Close second place was Mike McGlogan with a 30 and 3/8 pounder (just an 1/8th of a pound smaller). Mike was one of the crew on the Green Monster. 

Here's a picture of Grant and Julie with their winning fish on the scale. The Lorne Halcomb memorial trophy, which Julie is holding, is awarded to the angler who brings in the first Tyee of the season. 

Here's a picture of the crew of the Green Monster. One of these fish is almost 30 and a half pounds and took 2013 second prize. 

We had a Tie in 2012!

The winning fish ke
pt getting beat by a pound or two every tide. Mike Sell (yup, the same Mike & Jan team that brought in a 34 pounder the day before the derby started) brought in a 29 pounder and then just moments before the end of the Derby Chris McManus brought in another 29 pounder, so they shared first and second prizes and each won $2,000.


Bob Beard was the winning fisherman of Jack and Jill 2011, with the first Tyee of the season - a 31.5 pounder.  In second place with a 26.25 pounder was Caroline Shillito. 

Fishing for Hearts Derby
The hearts derby is on hold for summer 2014 and 2015. It may return in another year.
Here's info on the past Hearts derbies:  Hearts Derby Archive