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Cougar Creek directions

When you arrive in the town of Gold River, stop at the tourist information booth (you can't miss it - it's on the right side of the highway you're on by the large wood boot carving).  They may have a map of the forestry roads to Cougar Creek.  You should budget an hour to an hour and a quarter for the trip - so if you need to adjust any arrangements with us, there's a payphone at the Tourist Info Center you can call us from. It is a long distance call from the pay phone.
Cougar Creek Directions:

When you get to Gold River, don't turn into the town, just keep going, following the signs to Tahsis. 
Turn your lights on and drive carefully - you may meet a logging truck. Most bridges are one lane only. Wide logging trucks and transport trucks use this road daily, including weekends.
In a few minutes, the pavement will lead you to a bridge.  Cross the bridge and turn left (still following the signs to Tahsis) that leads over another bridge.  Take the next right (still following the signs to Tahsis).  Stay on this road for approximately 23 kilometers. 

Keep a look out for a sign that says "Nesook Dump" (usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to get here).  There are smaller signs posted around in including "Cougar Creek".

Turn left down the road to Nesook Dump (log dump) - it will take about 20 minutes to get to the log dump.  If you pass the Conuma fish Hatchery, you missed the turn off to Nessok Dump, so go back and follow the sign to Nesook.
Follow this road to the Nesook which is at the beach. Drive very slowly through the Log Dump. The road will lead you to the left through their maintenance yard.  Follow this road for 10 or 15 minutes (there's a spectacular view of Nootka along the way).  Cougar Creek Campground is marked with a sign - and you'll be able to see the vehicles, beach and the dock.  Check in with the campground host to arrange for parking.

Critter Cove Landing (Galliano Bay):

If your destination is Critter Landing, then you will continue past Cougar Creek another ten minutes or so (3 km), and you'll come to an unmarked road on your right with a yellow gate.  You'll open with the lockbox pass code you were assigned.  Continue down the short road slowly and with caution to the dock where we'll meet you.  At a crawl it will only take you half a minute to reach the end. If for some reason you end up stuck at the gate, just wait.  If you are not at the beach by the prearranged pick up time we will come up to assist you.
You're here! Now the reel fun begins.