Current 2016

Snow in Nootka! These pictures were taken the second week of December.

Snow in Nootka early December 2016

Exciting Nootka News!! Work has started on improvements to the boat ramp. It's already way better than it has been in years. Here's some pictures from mid October 2016:

Gold River boat ramp October 2016

Web cam fall 2016 update - since we're not open now the generator is not on often. You'll get a glimpse if you happen to look when the power is on. Our guy is working on it so that the last picture to load will stay up so at least we'll get a picture a day...but it's a work in progress.

We've got the web cam working. The photo changes every 5 minutes:

On the eve of the 15th....the regulations for tomorrow are here. Chinook first, then Coho next:

Now Coho:

Beautiful 36 pounder brought in by Virgil & son & grandsons today. Will add photo soon. 

We have stopped posting the list of fish that are recorded on our catch of the day board - turns out some of the fishermen here don't want their bosses and neighbors to know where they are! 

Mike just brought in a 28 and a half pounder from Hoiss Pt. and on a new plug we're trying. It was an upside down UVBii 500.

Off to a great start here. The Jack and Jill opening derby was lots of fun. There was a tie this year between Brian Rose and Randy Wunderlick with 25.5 pound fish. 

The first Tyee was brought in this morning (June 29th), in the first few days of being open. Here's a picture of Liz and Ed. The three fish were 28 30 and 32. I'm thinking hang on - there's going to be great fishing this summer!

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