Current 2014

Our newest venture at Critter Cove - it's a no frills guided operation that we hope will give the guest a true sense of west coast fishing.  The two gentlemen fishing with Bryce are a testament to the bravery of firemen everywhere.  Some people will do anything for an up grade!

Stop Drop and Troll 2014

We just heard from Craig who's making arrangements for a return visit next summer. He and his son Timmy made their first trip to Critter Cove this past August, and Craig wrote "we absolutely fell in love with Critter Cove and Nootka Sound". So glad you found us, Craig!  Here's a picture of Timmy with one of his fish below:

August 29th - closed for the season now, and it's been a great year. Lots of fish, warm weather and happy fishermen.
Here's a note that just came from a Critter Cove fisherman:

"Once again I want to give a  hearty "THANK YOU"  for another wonderful 5 days of fishing at Critter cove this past week!!!!  More importantly I wanted to say how much my 7 year old daughter Audrey has become addicted to fishing and critter cove and the special bond it has created between her and myself, that we don't get during our daily grind between work and school and sports and clubs and so on and so on.  I brought her for the first time last year when she was 6, she didn't stop talking about it all year, and approached this years trip with more excitement than Christmas!!!

She is very proud of her catch of the day hat that she won although a few of the adults on our dock were a bit jealous of her because of it! ;)
She was once again made feel special by all the staff whether it was talking to her on the dock while admiring her catch or how friendly everyone was especially when she got her daily ice cream (moose tracks is her new favorite)!
She's already been talking about 2015 and wants to bring her little brother who may be ready to tag along and compete for the biggest fish on the boat but I'm not sure I can handle the two an one time!!!! regardless you have help create something special between us and I only hope that the memory of these summers at your resort find a special place with her that will last a lifetime and who knows maybe she'll be the one taking me fishing in 18 years!
I attached a picture I snapped off of her holding one of her prizes she was so proud of and couldn't wait to try to clean herself!!!
Again thank you for everything and keep up the great Job!!!
All My Best
Cabin 5 

August 14th. 
Fishing great. A sprinkling of rain two days ago brought some fish in from the depths to Bajo and Burdwood. The inside fish are still here too. So now we can say fishing is great inside & out. There have been several halibut brought in today too - so lots of fun today. Here's some bottom fish pictures from the last week:

August 11th
This has been a great year for fish so far. The last 4 weeks the fish have been inside, thick. Generally the catching has been better inside than out. There are lots of fish in the 20 to 25 pound range. There have been some Tyee, but not the large numbers of 30 and 40 pounders we were expecting. A DFO source said they're expecting a whack of big ones too - and suggested there's a second wave still to come that are waiting in the cooler water off shore. We hope he's right and we'll see those ones too. Here's a great picture of a 29 pounder and Braun Miller below, then the rest of his buddies, Rob Miller, Al Bridgman, Paul Tingly, Randy Hodgen and Scott Fowler.

July 11th
Hang on - here we go! Fishing and weather just keep getting better.
The last few days have been great. There are fish inside and out.  Highlights today were Beano, Bajo, Hoiss, Boston Pt, and Camel Rock. 
Here's a few shots of the dock Ron sent us - thanks Don!

July 1st, 2014
Off to a good start here. First Tyee came in today, 32 pounds. We're just getting started and lots of fishermen are having good luck. Restaurant, store and gas dock are now open. Lots of incidental halibut, nice size coho, and some big springs too. There have been fish in Tahsis Inlet, Bajo, and Burdwood.